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Allure introduces smart home sensors with NFC and BLE

Allure Energy's EverSense smart thermostat
SMART: Allure Energy’s EverSense home thermostat boasts a touchscreen and speakers

Smart home specialist Allure Energy has introduced new sensors that incorporate NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy, enabling both iOS and Android device users to have the temperature of individual rooms in their home adjusted to their preferences as they approach, enter or leave a particular room.

The Aura sensors can be placed in any room of a house and work in conjunction with Android and iOS apps and the company’s EverSense smart thermostats to add room-by-room temperature control to the company’s existing service. Based on GPS technology, this enables homeowners to automatically adjust the internal temperature as they draw near or move away from their home.

EverSense thermostats feature WiFi and a touchscreen display as well as speakers that can be used to stream music from a mobile device. Support for NFC was first announced at last year’s CES.

“Simply place an Aura sensor in any room in your home, walk through the simple set up process and you now have the ability to receive and maintain a more accurate room temperature easily from within the room,” Allure’s Jim Mills explains. “Add more Aura sensors to the system at any time and because they use Bluetooth Low Energy and NFC, they can run for up to two years.”

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