Join us next week for a free webinar on NFC toys and games

NFC technology is included in the Nintendo Wii U and Disney Infinity as well as numerous smartphones and tablets — and it may yet make an appearance in Microsoft’s Xbox One. Join our webinar on Thursday 12 December to find out how NFC is changing the rules of the game.

Join us for a free webinar on NFC in toys and games on Thursday 12 December

Join NFC World’s editor and speakers from Smartrac and Calm Island for an in-depth guide to how NFC can be used to add extra features and revenue streams to toys and games — and add fun and excitement to marketing campaigns and educational experiences.

Our expert speakers will discuss the potential of NFC in gaming and how the technology can be used to provide a bridge between the online and physical worlds. They will offer practical tips on what makes games with NFC different, creating the ultimate NFC mobile gaming experience and how NFC can be incorporated into toys, books, collectable cards and more.

You’ll also get the inside track on some of the unexpected challenges — and their solutions — when it comes to integrating NFC into mass market entertainment products.

“Tap and Play! NFC in Toys and Games” will be of benefit to game developers and publishers, toy and electronics manufacturers, NFC technology specialists, mobile operators, brands, advertisers, and more — anyone, in fact, who would like to learn more about the potential NFC holds for games and how to get it right.

The webinar will be chaired by NFC World’s editor, Sarah Clark, and there will be ample opportunity for questions and answers at the end.

There’s no charge to attend this event and registration is quick and easy — simply click here and enter your details.

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