One in ten consumers say they have an NFC phone


The number of consumers with an NFC phone has doubled since 2012 according to Deloitte‘s third annual Global Mobile Consumer Survey, with 10% of 37,600 consumers surveyed in 20 countries saying they know that they have the technology embedded in their smartphone. 62% say they do not and 28% do not know if their phone has NFC or not.

Of the 10% that know they have an NFC device, 34% said they have used it within the last month but 62% say they have never used the capability.

More men than women know they have an NFC phone, the survey found, and men are also more likely to use it:

  • 13% of males say they have an NFC phone, 60% say they do not and 26% are unsure. Of those that do, 39% said they had used NFC in the last month, 56% said they had not and 6% were unsure.
  • 7% of females say they have an NFC phone, 63% say they do not and 30% are unsure. 26% said they had used the technology during the last month, 71% said no and 3% were unsure.

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  1. And how many use it?.. Let alone can get their bank card or transit card provisioned to it…

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