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McDonald’s to offer NFC and QR payments across Belgium

McDonald’s is to roll out NFC payments across all of its locations in Belgium in the spring of 2014 using Seamless’ Seqr mobile payments platform. Working in partnership with the country’s Bpost Bank, Seamless will allow the bank’s customers to connect their bank account to the Seqr mobile app to make payments using either NFC or QR codes.


“At McDonald’s, we are always looking at new technologies to increase the McDonald’s experience by offering our customers extra services,” said Kristel Muls, spokesperson for McDonald’s Belgium. “McDonald’s is just evolving at the same pace as consumers.

“By introducing Seqr, we offer an easy, fast and secure way of payment in order to increase the quality of our service. The roll out is foreseen in the spring of 2014 in all Belgian McDonald’s restaurants.”

The fast food chain also announced in June that it is to pilot the Seqr mobile payment platform in Kuwait, in partnership with Kuwait International Bank.

Belgium is Seamless’ seventh market entry for its Seqr payments platform, following its introduction in its home country of Sweden as well as Norway, Finland, Malaysia and in Romania in partnership with Garanti Bank.

“The collaboration with Bpost Bank provides us with another stable and substantial international financial partner as we make our seventh market entry,” says Seamless CEO Peter Fredell.

“Thanks to our smooth payment method and the significant decrease in interchange fees, we are delighted that McDonald’s once again realised the merchant benefits and have chosen to partner with us. We look forward to a large scale roll out which will make Seqr available to all Belgians.”

Seqr also enables consumers to make online, bill and parking payments as well as transfer money to other users free of charge, store receipts digitally and receive offers and promotions directly to their mobile device.

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