Vanguard offers NFC bag tag that texts its location to the owner

Vanguard ID's ViewTag NFC luggage tag

Vanguard ID Systems has developed a weatherproof NFC luggage tag with an e-ink display that can be updated each time a traveller takes a flight and provides owners with information on their bag’s location throughout a journey.

“The ViewTag works in conjunction with SMS text messaging,” the company says. “Throughout all airports, there is an RFID reader located on the loading belt for the aircraft. This RFID reader scans the ViewTag as it passes on-board the plane and sends a confirmation message to the subscriber.

“The subscriber will receive a message at each destination. This enables the subscriber to know their luggage is on-board, made it on their connecting flight, or even made it to the final destination.”

A video from Vanguard shows how an NFC device can be used to update the ViewTag before demonstrating how durable the product is:

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