OTI gets MasterCard approval for Wave NFC add-on

OTI's Wave Dongle device

Contactless technology specialist On Track Innovations (OTI) has received MasterCard Mobile PayPass certification for Wave Dongle, an add-on that plugs into the audio jack of a standard mobile device to provide users with NFC payments capabilities.

The Wave Dongle can be used as a keyfob
STANDALONE: Wave Dongle can be loaded with funds and used as an NFC keyfob

The Wave “connects to the smartphone’s operating system via the audio jack, allowing for PIN code authentication and over-the-air capabilities such as reloading electronic cash, remote personalization, firmware updates, and new applications,” OTI says.

“OTI’s Wave can be used for electronic payment transactions even when disconnected from a customer’s device,” the company adds. “When the pre-paid balance is running low, the Wave can simply plug into a smartphone to add additional money into the Wave’s e-purse.”

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