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Botanical garden uses NFC to inform visitors

Bellvue Botanical Garden's NFC signs

The Bellevue Botanical Garden in Washington, USA has installed three NFC-enabled signs in its Fuchsia display garden as part of a pilot project which aims to discover how NFC can be used to engage with visitors.

The Tap-to-Learn project, manager Nancy Kartes told NFC World, includes one sign which takes visitors to the garden’s website to provide general information about the Fuchsia display garden and its partner group for that garden, the Eastside Fuchsia Society.

“The other two signs are located in two different planting beds,” she added. “Each sign takes visitors to a complete list of plants within each bed, including each plant’s name, photos and horticultural information.”

The service will supplement existing plant labelling and allows visitors to delve more deeply into the plants that are of interest to them. Kartes says the garden hopes to expand the project to include all beds in the year ahead.

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