Bank SinoPac picks Morpho for NFC pilot in Taiwan

Taiwan’s Bank SinoPac has chosen technology provider Morpho to provide an end-to-end solution for a mobile payments pilot that makes use of NFC microSD cards.

Bank SinoPac

During the pilot, VIP customers will be able to make payments using a prepaid gift card and credit card stored on a microSD card inserted into either a Samsung Galaxy S III or Galaxy S4 mobile phone. Balances, transaction history and the ability to top-up the prepaid card will be accessible through an app provided by Morpho.

“In this launch, the maximum value of the stored value in the phone is up to NTD 10,000 [US$341],” says SinoPac senior VP Jamie Cheng. “If the phone is lost, the consumer can get a refund for the balance of the stored value as soon as the consumer makes a report to the bank.”

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