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Pulse introduces even slimmer ultrathin NFC antenna

Pulse's ultrathin NFC antenna

Electronic components maker Pulse Electronics has introduced an ultrathin NFC antenna that measures 35mm by 50mm by just 0.133mm, making it 28% slimmer than its previous version.

The antenna is made of ferrite sheet material, meets the EMVCo 40mm reading distance requirement and is suitable for use in a range of mobile devices, including NFC phones, phablets and tablets. The 2mm square contact pads are mounted side by side within the antenna area.

“Reliable antenna solutions are needed for user-friendly and safe contactless commerce,” says the company’s Maritta Timosaari. “Pulse’s new NFC antenna is not only thinner than previous NFC antennas without losing performance, but its side-by-side configuration makes it easier for mobile device manufacturers.”

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