CIS picks Tapit for NFC merchandising

Point-of-purchase design and manufacturing company Creative Instore Solutions (CIS) has partnered with NFC vendor Tapit to embed NFC tags into merchandising displays for FMCG products.

A Creative point-of-purchase display
POP: Creative will use Tapit’s NFC solutions in its point-of-purchase displays

The global deal, signed at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France, will allow customers to tap their phones against Tapit symbols on point-of-purchase units in retail outlets to receive content from the participating brand.

“The Tapit symbol is built into the signage of the stands and objects that CIS are creating,” Niklas Bakos, Tapit’s head of EMEA, told NFC World. “The content on the tags depends on what we’re doing; say we’re doing a stand for potato chips for example. You have the stand for that project and it can redirect users to a certain campaign or anything that the potato chip brand desires.

“That’s the benefit for using Tapit; the symbols can be dynamic and the brands can change the content when they wish. CIS work on a global scale and we have teamed up with them on a worldwide scale.

“This partnership enables us to get a much better footprint in FMCG locations and this is the exact partnership that we have been looking for and it is definitely something we are excited to move into.”

Deane Hubball, CEO of CIS, said: “For CIS, designing and developing in-store activation units for brands and their customers has always been all about the customer experience.

“As shoppers demand a more digital purchasing experience, we wanted to partner with a company at the forefront of customer engagement by providing brands with real time feedback on in-store engagement.

“Tapit’s use of NFC technology represents the next wave of the in-store experience and we look forward to enabling it to millions of people through new or existing units.”

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