Czech firm releases universal NFC ID system

NFC Porter

The Institute of Microelectronic Applications in the Czech Republic has launched NFC Porter, an NFC-based identification system that includes an NFC reader designed to connect to any existing access control or ID system.

“We are very pleased to introduce this next generation product that will help the users to replace their plastic identification cards with mobile phones in order to store their identification data,” says project manager Karel Kalivoda.

The solution “can be easily integrated to any identification system a company is already using and thus, simultaneously combine identification by cards and by phone thereby ensuring smooth upgrade with maximum backwards compatibility.”

Kalivoda told NFC World that the user ID data is currently stored in the NFC Porter mobile app but an appropriate applet already exists to support the use of a secure element to store the data.

“However, as installing applets is not yet prepared by mobile network operators, the identification app is currently the only option,” he adds.

The system can also be implemented in standalone mode for home use, such as for opening garage doors.

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