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Wireless Dynamics launches NFC case for iPhone 5

A version of Canadian NFC and RFID specialist Wireless Dynamics’ iCarte NFC case for Apple iPhones is now available for the iPhone 5. The device is approved by both Apple and Visa, enabling it to be deployed by issuers of the payment network’s debit and credit cards.

iCarte 520 for iPhone 5
ICARTE 520: A two-part NFC-enabled case that fits snugly around the iPhone 5

Attaching to the Lightning connector at the bottom of the iPhone, the iCarte 520 case contains NFC circuitry, an antenna and a secure element that enables the handset to be used to make NFC debit, credit or prepaid mobile payments. It can also be used as a mobile loyalty card.

The product has obtained Visa approval, meaning that card issuers can deploy the case commercially to carry virtual Visa debit and credit cards.

Ambrose Tam, chief executive officer of Wireless Dynamics, said: “Obtaining MFI [made for iPod/iPhone] certification and global Visa compliance on the iCarte 520 is very important for our customers, as it allows them to confidently deploy their mobile payment services to their iPhone users.

“We will continue to work with financial institutions, mobile network operators, and our partners to provide convenient and secure applications and services to their customers.”

The iCarte 520 is the third iteration of the iPhone NFC case to be released by the company and there are now more than 35 applications available from Apple’s iTunes app store that work with the iCarte, including apps that support mobile wallets, access control, event management and RFID tag reading and writing.

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  1. Depends on who is asking 🙂 Issuers willing to issue ‘cards’ on that basis can purchase the items from the manufacturer or from a reseller or perso bureau. As an end user, you can’t simply buy and use the item, since it needs to be personalized as a (credit, prepaid, …) card, usually by a bank respective an attached perso bureau.

  2. Great stuff 🙂 Just unfortunate that it took more than half a year (after market start of the i5) to release the product.

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