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ABI reports NFC chip market shares

A total of 168m NFC controller ICs and 144m NFC secure element chips were shipped in 2012, according to ABI Research, and NXP topped the chip supplier list for both.

ABI Research

For NFC controller chips, NXP had a 74.4% market share, followed by Inside Secure (8.9%), Broadcom (5.4%), Sony (4.5%), and Renesas (3.0%).

For secure elements, NXP had a 56.9% market share, followed by Infineon (18.8%), STMicroelectronics (18.1%), Renesas (4.5%), and Samsung (2.1%). The secure element figures cover “embedded SEs (eSEs), SWP SIM cards, and other form factors, such as microSD cards,” says ABI.

UPDATE ABI has issued an update to its secure element market share and shipment data for 2012. 150m NFC secure element chips were shipped, with market shares split as follows:

  • NXP,  54.7%
  • STMicroelectronics, 21.3%
  • Infineon, 18.0%
  • Renesas, 2.7%
  • Samsung, 2.0%