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Pulse expands NFC antenna product range

Pulse NFC antennas

Electronic components supplier Pulse Electronics has announced a new catalog selection of NFC antennas aimed at a range of devices, including point-of-sale terminals, in-vehicle payment terminals, security control and access panels and printers. The company also makes stamp and ferrite sheet antennas aimed at mobile phones.

“Pulse Electronics’ catalog NFC antennas consist of three antenna families,” says the company, “the W3579 and W3580 ferrite-loaded antennas for tight-space integration in close proximity to metallic devices such as batteries and displays; the W7001 small stamp antenna for small-space applications; and the W7002 wire-on-carrier antenna, targeted to payment applications with mechanical features optimized to fit a display or keypad inside the coil.“

“Pulse engineers recognized that no single NFC antenna meets every implementation need, and have risen to the mechanical challenges by creating a variety of solutions to meet those needs,” says Aaron Logan, technical product manager at Pulse’s wireless devices antenna division.

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