Google joins NFC Forum board of directors

Ten other organisations have also joined the NFC standards association for the first time, bringing total membership “to a record high of over 180 companies and non-profit groups.”

NFC Forum
NFC FORUM: Google gets a board seat

Google has upgraded its membership of the NFC Forum from Principal to Sponsor level, the standards association’s top membership tier.

“Sponsor level entitles each organization to a seat on the NFC Forum board of directors, the consortium’s governing body,” the organization explains. “Sponsor members, like Principal members, may designate individuals to run for Forum leadership positions, and may appoint one voting representative to each of the NFC Forum committees and working groups.

“Other privileges include proposing Forum initiatives and participating in the NFC Forum testing and certification program using their own in-house test labs.”

Huawei has also upgraded its membership, from Associate to Principal. Brother Industries and Rohm have joined as Associate members and there are eight new Implementer members:

“As both a mobile operating system and NFC payment solution provider, Google brings a great deal of knowledge and experience to our board,” says NFC Forum chairman Koichi Tagawa “The NFC Forum — and NFC users everywhere — will benefit greatly from the contributions of Google and our new members from around the world.”

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