Think&Go demos Android NFC device for field workers

Famoco FX 100 Series

Think&Go NFC is demonstrating a new NFC device from technology provider Famoco at Mobile World Congress 2013.

The Famoco FX 100 Series is an Android-based device which can operate in all three NFC modes — tag read/write, card emulation and peer-to-peer — and includes a touchscreen, battery level indicator, GSM modem, secure element, LED and buzzer.

Think&Go has been working with Famoco for the past year and says the FX 100 has particular advantages in the field worker management market, for use by healthcare workers, security guards and other staff working away from base. These advantages, Think&Go says, include:

  • A lower price point than entry-level NFC phones
  • Android OS for easy app development
  • A secure app environment, enabling it to be deployed without risk of configuration changes by end users
  • A full independent secure element, “assuring cutting edge security”
  • Comprehensive secure over-the-air device management
  • Ease of use and robustness
  • A lower risk of theft since the device is not a phone

“Although the device has a large range of applications including mobile point of sale to loyalty, Think&Go selected Famoco on the basis of clear advantages when combined with their NFC-Audit&Control solution for B2B applications,” the company says.

The Famoco FX 100 Series will be available in Q1 2013 in limited quantities and in Q2 2013 for mass distribution. Think&Go is demonstrating the device on the Avenir Telecom booth (5E91) during Mobile World Congress 2013.

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