Security guards get NFC tracking

Incentive Lynx Security

Security guards working for Incentive Lynx Security to protect a 180-acre business park in the South East of England are to use Skillweb’s NFC-based SmartTask Attend for Security and Mobile Guarding.

The guards will use NFC phones to read 120 NFC tags placed at key locations, to record attendance and actions in real time. “This will ensure scheduled visits and patrols are being completed, including critical building checks such as water leaks, windows and emergency doors,” says Incentive Lynx Security.

A video shows how the Skillweb system works in practice:

“SmartTask Attend’s added real-time and historical reporting capability will provide complete transparency of each security operative, their rounds, locations visited and tasks completed on site,” Incentive Lynx adds. “Supervisors will then be able to report via the online customer portal by operative or location to create time sheets, customer reports and even create a map of each staff member’s round when visiting multiple locations.

“Meanwhile, GPS tracking on each phone will provide added validation and allow Incentive Lynx to pinpoint the exact locations of guards at all times.”

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