Movaluate values phones with NFC

US phone resale valuation specialist Movaluate is offering to mail buyers and sellers of used mobile phones a free tag, containing an NFC chip and carrying a printed QR code, that can be used to easily generate a report setting out the device’s second hand value.

Movaluate's tag
TAG: Will value your NFC phone

“When a device taps or scans the tag, Movaluate will automatically detect what device it is and generate a full price report on the spot,” the company explains.

The tag directs the phone to open a page on Movaluate’s website where the type of device is identified by the tell-tale ‘user agent’ information sent with every web page request. The user is then presented with model-specific pricing information.

“Most of the legwork involved in buying or selling a phone involves researching its price,” says Movaluate. “Without a fair price, buyers and sellers will be missing sales opportunities and wasting their time. With Movaluate’s fair market price reports, buyers and sellers can quickly understand the value of their phone and make a quick and confident transaction.”

Users are invited to recycle the tag by reprogramming it after use.

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  1. It is interesting idea. It said my iPhone 4 is $233. I didn’t know this 2 year old phone has that much value.

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