Proximiant raises funds for NFC digital receipts

The Proximiant Transceiver is a phone sized device that sits at the checkout counter

Silicon Valley-based start-up Proximiant has completed a new funding round and added QR code support to its NFC-based digital receipts and rewards service.

Earlier this year, the company introduced a service that lets NFC phone users digitally capture a receipt from the point-of-sale by simply tapping their phones to a transceiver at the checkout counter. At the same time, merchants can use the service to send the shopper a personalized reward. The service is being tested with “more than a dozen major retailers in North America”.

Now, Proximiant has added support for QR codes and an app for iPhones as well as the existing Android app. The new facility allows non-NFC phone users to scan a unique QR code displayed on the transceiver at each transaction to get their digital receipt.

Investors now backing Proximiant include Taiwan’s Inventec Appliances Corporation (IAC), Tom Chiu of Sand Hills Angels, and the Dabah family.

“Having a digital receipt without being forced to provide an email address or phone number is a very powerful idea that will transform this space,” says Mac Dabah, lead investor. “Because of my family’s history of success in the apparel and retail industries, I’ve seen first hand just how difficult it is for retailers to stay in touch with the customer. Proximiant provides an amazing solution that is easily implementable, scalable, and very affordable without the complication of system integration.”

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