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Rogers picks Gemalto for NFC in Canada

Rogers Communications has selected Gemalto to supply it with NFC-enabled SIMs for its forthcoming NFC payments deployment.

Rogers Communications

Rogers’ NFC platform is currently undergoing pilot testing and is due to launch before the end of this year. The carrier signed an NFC partnership deal with CIBC bank in May and, last month, Rogers’ CEO revealed plans to introduce its own credit card.

“It’s essential that consumers have peace of mind when it comes to storing payment cards on their mobile device and using it to make credit and debit transactions on the go,” says David Robinson, VP of emerging business at Rogers Communications. “Working with Gemalto allows us to protect the consumer’s information by leveraging the SIM card, assuring a secure and seamless experience for mobile payments.”

Rogers will be using Gemalto’s UpTeq NFC SIMs, which also provide support for LTE services. The carrier “will leverage the card’s onboarding flexibility for the future addition of tap-and-go services including coupon redemption, loyalty programs, transit, and other digital identification,” says Gemalto.

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