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Confidex adds NFC tags

Contactless ticketing and RFID specialist Confidex has added a range of Type 2 NFC tags to its product line.

“These new NFC tags are designed for multipurpose use in industrial asset management, authentication and safety, and communication and experience applications,” the company says. Product variants are available for different surfaces and environments, including metal, and to accommodate use cases including mechanical impacts, chemicals and moisture.

Confidex Ironside Micro NFC tag

The company’s ruggedised Ironside Micro NFC tag (PDF) is background insensitive and can be mounted on any material. The tag is encapsulated in an impact-resistant plastic shell and IP68 certification means it offers complete protection against dust and continuous immersion in water.

The company adds that the product offers “excellent resistance against salt water (10%) and motor oil, and at least five hours resistance against sulfuric acid (10%).” The tag can withstand up to one hour of exposure to sodium hydroxide (10%), though Confidex warns contact with acetone should be avoided.

The tag can be attached with screws, rivets or a range of epoxies, sealants and adhesives.

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