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Isis SIMs available from October 1

TmoNews reports that Isis NFC SIMs will be available from T-Mobile stores in Salt Lake City and Austin from Monday 1 October. A screenshot that appears to be from an internal T-Mobile system explains to staff that “The Isis SIM card has an embedded secure element which the Isis Mobile Wallet will use to encrypt and secure payment information” and shows that both regular and micro format SIMs will be offered.

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  1. If they manage to embed an nfc antenna on the Sim… Isis will be a killer platform. But if Isis uses NFC, I see little reason for retailers to accept one and not the other. I wonder if google wallet can hack into the sims secure element.

    1. No, there’ll be no antenna on the SIM. Isis works with NFC phones; that is, phones that have an NFC controller and antenna built into them. An “NFC SIM” is a regular SIM that also includes an NFC secure element, and is the last part of the equation required for secure NFC (at least, in the GSMA’s vision of the world — secure elements can also be built into the handset or added through other routes, for example a microSD card)

      1. In Most non NFC devices Sims sit beneath the battery which makes it difficult or nearly impssible to transmit data which makes it an unlikely proposition.

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