Australian ski resort picks NFC for tourist info

Falls Creek is using NFC tags to direct visitors to information

Fifty businesses in the Australian alpine resort of Falls Creek, the largest in the state of Victoria, have been equipped to provide information to visitors via NFC.

The system enables visitors with NFC phones to connect with Falls Creek’s businesses and services by tapping their handset against NFC stickers located at business premises. Tapping a tag opens up a mobile site which provides access to a range of local services.

“We have made the technology deployment into a simple, two-step process that takes minutes to set up”, says Justine Mittelheuser from technology provider NFC Wireless. “Any company can buy the tag or sign for a few dollars, and then use our online tool to set up a mobile ‘pod’ site, which takes no design or technology skills at all. They have a range of services to choose from. These include downloading coupons, discount vouchers, links to social media, and links to web sites”.

“Falls Creek alpine resort is thrilled to be the first NFC-ready town in Australia,” enthuses Falls Creek Resort Management’s Jo Prothero. “Through NFC Wireless we now have over 50 businesses enabled to this exciting new technology, further enhancing Falls Creek’s reputation as one of Australia’s truly unique holiday destinations.”

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