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Apple gets ‘on-the-go shopping list’ patent

Apple has been granted US patent number 8,239,276, entitled ‘On-the-go shopping list’.


Originally filed in September 2008, the patent references NFC extensively. The abstract describes the system as follows:

Systems and methods for providing shopping-related information to a consumer are provided. Embodiments of the system allow a consumer to create an electronic shopping list by scanning products. In some embodiments, shopping-related information may be obtained for items in the shopping list, such as pricing information, product quality, consumer ratings, and other information that may help a consumer to make an informed purchasing decision. Other embodiments allow a consumer to obtain and compare retail prices offered by several retailers for products in the shopping list. Still other embodiments provide a store-wide network that allows a shopper to scan items in the store, add the scanned items to a shopping list, and then check-out electronically.

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