Elisa issues NFC stickers to students

Finnish mobile network operator Elisa has partnered with MasterCard and the student-owned Lyyra discount and benefit card to issue prepaid NFC stickers to more than 100,000 students from the third quarter of 2012.

Lyyra and Elisa

Students will be able to use the stickers in campus canteens and at other merchants equipped with contactless terminals. Future plans call for the contactless payment application to be integrated into SIM cards issued by Elisa, for use in NFC phones.

“Contactless payments and money transfers among users make life easier and things run faster,” says the carrier’s Henri Korpi. “Elisa wants to be in the forefront of making such services available. We will further develop the service based on user experiences and feedback from students. Later, we will make the service available to a wider target group, combined with new and innovative payment methods.”

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