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LG CNS to introduce NFC access control service

The Korean IT services supplier has partnered with carriers KT and LG U+ to enable employers to use NFC mobile phones to replace staff ID badges. Additional services such as payroll integration and payments are planned for the future.

LG CNS tests NFC access control
NFC ACCESS: LG CNS staff show off their phone-based passes. Click to enlarge.

Korean IT services supplier LG CNS has unveiled an NFC-based access control service that allows credentials to be securely issued and updated over the air.

LG CNS, which already offers access control and security management services to businesses and the public sector in Korea and abroad, has signed a memorandum of understanding with mobile networks KT and LG U+ to bring the service to market.

The new system, which is set to be pilot tested by LG CNS employees from October 2012, stores users’ credentials within a SIM-based NFC secure element. Further features including payroll integration and payments are planned for the future.

“This strategic affiliation is aimed to create new NFC-based services by combining the smart security capacity of LG CNS with the infrastructure of mobile telecommunication providers,” says the company’s Deok-ju Won. “We will continue to develop additional services so that the staff and employees of our client companies can focus on their work more conveniently by using these diverse convenience services through just a single smart phone.”

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