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Leaked Sprint slides reveal NFC wallet designs

The slides suggest the US carrier, which has previously chosen to avoid Isis and partner with Google for NFC, is preparing to launch its own “Sprint Touch” mobile wallet service.

Sprint Touch Wallet slides, courtesy of
SLIDES: Reveal Sprint’s Touch wallet

Presentation slides sent by an anonymous tipster to Android Central look set to herald yet another US rival to Google and Isis — and indicate that Google Wallet may be about to lose Sprint as its US mobile network partner.

The first of the two slides shows the security process for locking and unlocking a “Sprint Touch” wallet. Users would enter a PIN on the screen of their mobile phone and then see a brief animation showing the wallet unlocking. A card screen from within the wallet would then be presented if the user tapped their phone to a card reader. Otherwise, the main wallet screen would be presented. An animation showing the wallet locking would then also be provided at the end to give assurance to users that their wallet was secured again.

The slide features the logos of a wide range of retailers and food service providers, including McDonald’s, Starbucks and Target. There’s no indication, however, of whether any of these businesses have actually signed up to work with Sprint or if their logos are being used just for demonstration purposes.

The second slide indicates it forms part of a file called “Mobile Wallet Screens for QualMeeting Final.pptx” and shows a loyalty card section within the mobile wallet, with logos for Macy’s, Barnes & Noble and Dick’s Sporting Goods on display. QualMeeting is an online platform that “takes advantage of webcam technology and streaming video to provide real-time ‘face-to-face’ research” — suggesting that Sprint has progressed the project to the focus group testing phase.

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