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‘Credit card’ heart monitor shares results with NFC

RHYTHMTRAK: Tiny monitor sends heart data to the user's NFC phone

A new consumer heart monitoring device that uses near field communication to pass test results to the user’s Android NFC phone or tablet has been unveiled by Impak Health, a joint venture between Swedish chip developer Cypak and US-based Meridian Health.

RhythmTrak is a handheld electrocardiogram (ECG) device that documents heart rates, heart rate variability, and other key metrics. Data collected on the credit card sized device can be transmitted to an NFC reader, smartphone or tablet, from where it can be forwarded to a clinician if necessary.

“It can be incredibly empowering for a patient to have a tool that helps them work with their physician to determine if they may need a change in medication or therapy, especially when it comes to overall heart health,” says Meridian Health’s Sandra Elliott.

RhythmTrak has been submitted for FDA approval in the United States and CE approval in the European market and is expected to cost US$39.99 at launch. A video shows the device in action:

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