Danone delivers information to new moms via NFC

The food company’s baby nutrition division in Singapore has released findings from a pilot project which has seen 400 NFC tags being placed in supermarkets, clinics and in homes to provide new mothers with information on a range of parenting and nutritional topics.

DANONE: Testing NFC in Singapore

Food giant Danone is conducting a four month NFC trial in Singapore, to explore the potential of NFC phones to provide new mothers with information on a range of motherhood and parenting topics.

The project is being run by Danone’s Baby Nutrition division and is using a platform developed by France-based NFC specialists Think & Go NFC which supports both NFC and QR codes.

Danone equipped one hundred mothers with NFC phones for the trial and placed 400 NFC tags at locations where it was expected that there would be a specific need or interest for information on motherhood and parenting topics — at selected FairPrice retail outlets spread across the island as well as at clinics and in participants’ homes.

Reading a tag provides mothers with access to coupons, suggestions and gifts as well as information and advice. Each mother was set up with a personal profile, stored on the Think & Go platform’s backend. This allows the information delivered to each mother when they read a tag to be personalized to their needs so that, for the same tag, different mothers get different information.

The advice given evolves as a mother approaches the planned birth and then according to the age of their baby, Tim Baker, Think & Go’s marketing director, has told NFC World.

The pilot began in January 2012 and runs until the end of April. Two months into the project, the mothers have interacted with the tags more than 20,000 times and Think & Go reports that:

  • The “home-clinics-shops” ecosystem that Danone has built is proving to be a successful combination.
  • Service provision around products, at the mothers’ fingertips, whenever and wherever they are, is being received with enthusiasm.
  • Additional services around the latest promotional activities on growing-up milk formula and community and social media interaction are key when it comes to connecting with mothers using NFC tools.

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