ZTE debuts Touch and Share technology

The Chinese handset maker, which has a growing range of NFC phones, has introduced its own solution for automating Bluetooth and WiFi network set-up via NFC.

ZTE: Enabling users to share data quickly and easily

Chinese handset manufacturer ZTE, which has 500 carrier customers in 140 countries, has launched Touch and Share, an NFC-based pairing service designed to enable users of the firm’s hardware to share data quickly and easily by automating Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity between NFC devices brought into close proximity with each other.

“Devices that feature ZTE Touch and Share are able to connect instantaneously without the need for users to scan for and match terminals, and without the need for password input, enabling users to share data without the need for further manual intervention,” the handset maker explains. “With Touch and Share-enabled handsets, users simply choose content to share and touch the device of the intended receiver, which in turn triggers the sharing process.”

“ZTE Touch and Share is a combination of NFC, Bluetooth and WiFi,” says Kan Yulun, vice president and CTO of ZTE’s handset division. “The core protocols we have incorporated into Touch and Share enable users to link up devices without the requirement to manually find and then make a connection — either smartphone-to-smartphone or smartphone-to-wireless WiFi routers are possible. Users will enjoy the benefits of connecting quickly and easily — sharing contact information, images, video or even an internet connection, all by simply touching two Touch and Share-enabled devices together.”

ZTE has a growing portfolio of NFC phones, including the Windows Phone-based ZTE Orbit and the Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich-based ZTE Blade II.

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