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NFC is still two to five years away, say MWC visitors

A survey of mobile industry executives conducted for Sybase 365 during the Mobile World Congress has found that 81% of respondents believe that NFC will not become a driver of widespread adoption of mobile payments for at least another two to five years and less than 10% think NFC mobile payments will become mainstream within the next year.

Mobile World Congress 2012
MWC 2012: Visitors see concerns over security as an obstacle to adoption

38% of respondents said that consumer concerns over security of personal financial information exchanged during mobile transactions will be the leading obstacle to large-scale adoption of mobile payments. The need for coordination among key mobile commerce stakeholders and the development of mobile payment standards were also cited as obstacles by 38% of respondents.

26% said mobile operators will be important catalysts driving global widespread adoption of mobile payments, 24% believe that banks will be a leading driver and 19% believe that companies like Amazon, PayPal or Groupon will encourage adoption.

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