Samsung reveals two more NFC handsets

Samsung has announced two new smartphones in the run up to next week’s Mobile World Congress, and both have optional NFC functionality.

The Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 and Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

The Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 are described by the phone maker as “ideal devices for users with active lifestyles who value individuality and style without compromising on performance or affordability.”

The Samsung Ace 2 has a 3.8-inch screen, GPS, and a dual core 800MHz processor, while the compact Galaxy Mini 2 boasts a 3.27-inch screen.

Both handsets run Android 2.3 Gingerbread and incorporate “optional” NFC. There is no word yet on which markets and carriers will get the NFC version, and the only signs that the Mini 2 is NFC enabled are that it will be 0.3mm thicker and just 1.5g heavier than its non-NFC equivalent.

The Galaxy Ace 2 will be available in UK from April, says Samsung, and the Galaxy Mini 2 will be available in France from March before being rolled out globally.

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