World Expo 2012 to showcase NFC applications

This year’s World Expo in Yeosu, Korea is to include NFC-based payments, food ordering, entrance tickets and parking as well as an NFC shopping wall and access to multilingual information on exhibits and transportation.

Expo 2012
EXPO 2012: Showcasing NFC apps

The Yeosu World Expo Organizing Committee and the Korea Communications Commission have announced plans to showcase a range of NFC applications at the 2012 World Expo in Yeosu, Korea.

Korean mobile network operators SK Planet, KT and LG U +, credit card companies including Shinhan Card, KB National Card, Samsung Card and Lotte Card as well as institutions including the National Internet Development Agency of Korea are partnering on the project.

Applications to be showcased at the event, which takes place on a 2,710,000sqm site between 12 May and 12 August 2012, include NFC-based payments, food ordering, entrance tickets, smart parking, a multilingual tour guide app and a shopping wall:

  • An NFC ticket application will allow expo visitors to avoid queues by storing their entrance ticket on their NFC phone and entering the fair through separate fast track gates.
  • A smart parking app will allow visitors to easily find their vehicle amongst the 400,000 expected to use the expo car parks every day.
  • An NFC ordering and payment app will allow visitors to order their food from their mobile phone and have their meal delivered to their table.
  • An NFC Wall will present information on a variety of expo-related products. NFC tags for each product will allow visitors to order items from a virtual store at a touch of their mobile phone.
  • NFC-enabled audio guides will allow visitors to access exhibit-related information as well as multilingual guides providing information on events, maps of the Expo, transportation schedules and details of major events taking place.

Expo 2012 map

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