BCNTouch to run NFC treasure hunt at Mobile World Congress

A bottle of Bodegas Torres wine is on offer to the first two hundred MWC attendees who visit the stands taking part in the treasure hunt and use their NFC phone, or a QR code app, to scan wine bottles.

PRIZES: 200 bottles to be 'found' at MWC

Executives attending the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month will have the chance to take part in an NFC treasure hunt organised by Spain-based NFC specialists BCNTouch and Bodegas Torres wines.

The treasure hunt is designed to showcase BCNTouch’s TouchActive NFC platform and the possibilities that NFC offers marketeers and users, Gloria Lozano, the company’s CEO, has told NFC World.

BCNTouch has partnered with six fellow MWC exhibitors for the hunt. Each exhibitor will have a bottle of either Viña Esmeralda or Gran Coronas 2007 wine somewhere on their stand. Participants simply visit the booths to “capture” one of each type of wine by reading an NFC tag or QR code with their mobile phone. The wine is then added to a list which can then be shared via Facebook or Twitter.

Once participants have captured two different bottles they can then return to BCNTouch’s booth (7E80) in Pavilion 7 and, if they are one of the first two hundred to complete the hunt, they will be able to collect a complimentary bottle of Bodegas Torres wine.

During the hunt, BCNTouch will be providing real time, location-based statistics on consumers’ interactions that it will be displaying on a “heat map” at its booth. Bodegas Torres will also receive detailed statistics on interactions made during the hunt, both during and after the event.

When participants read the NFC tag or QR code associated with each bottle they will also see detailed information on the wine including tasting notes and serving suggestions provided by Bodegas Torres, Lozano explains, and they can also use the service to find related products, check into Club Torres, connect to Torres’ social networks and find out where they can buy the wine.

BCNTouch has produced a video to show those interested in participating in the treasure hunt what will be involved:

“BCNTouch chose MWC for this campaign with Bodegas Torres as it is the perfect lab for the experience due to the international profile of the participants and the likely higher concentration of NFC phones,” says Lozano.

“Using NFC tagged objects, we bridge the gap between discovery and capture on the users’ side, by providing them the info they need (exact product, location details) while touching a product when they are on the move,” Lozano adds. “Users organize and share the information on their social networks. Brands learn from their customer interactions in order to meet their demands better and to become more relevant for them.”

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