Forum to put on NFC showcase in Frankfurt

The NFC Forum is to hold a public exhibition of NFC technology during its quarterly members’ meeting in Frankfurt next week.

NFC Forum

The industry standards organisation will put on the free-to-attend ‘solutions showcase’ event to demonstrate the technology to anyone wishing to find out more about NFC. “We encourage everyone who’s interested in innovation to join us at the reception and find out firsthand what’s behind the current excitement about NFC technology, and to enjoy refreshments with us in a relaxed and informal setting,” says NFC Forum chairman Koichi Tagawa.

Exhibitors at the Frankfurt showcase include:

  • AT4 Wireless, which will demonstrate its Rider NFC test tool, expected to be of interest to device manufacturers, telecommunications operators and test laboratories.
  • HOTech, which will show off its remote working solutions for field service activities and patrol guard and security services management.
  • ITN International, which will demonstrate its Touch ‘N Go event solutions and will show how cities, convention centers, transportation systems, hotels, restaurants and retailers can benefit from the deployment of citywide NFC credentials.
  • Nexperts, which will showcase its NFC-enabled mobile wallets and how they can be used for holding membership cards, coupons, tickets, and access credentials as well as payments instruments.
  • Sony, which will show healthcare devices from different manufacturers that make use of its NFC dynamic tag chip to provide NFC support, and demonstrate how the data measured by those devices can be retrieved by a mobile phone via NFC.
  • Tuomi IT, which will demonstrate a range of NFC-based products and services, from smart posters to mobile data collection using NFC and GPS.

The event will take place from 18:00 until 20:00 on Wednesday 8 February in the Lemons & Limes Bar at the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel. Attendance is free but advance registration is required.

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