NFC keyboard offers touch and type convenience

An NFC-based portable keyboard for smartphones has eliminated the usual pairing step associated with accessories — users simply place their NFC phone on the keyboard and start typing.

One2Touch's NFC "Touch & Type" keyboard
TOUCH & TYPE: No cables, no charging

Norwegian startup One2Touch‘s ‘Touch & Type’ foldable keyboard is designed for mobile use and allows the user to put their NFC-enabled phone on the keyboard and immediately start using it.

As well as having no cables, the ultra low-power device features a small internal battery with a three-year lifespan and does not need to be charged. The silicone rubber keyboard is also waterproof.

Exploded view of One2Touch's NFC keyboard

One2Touch expects the first units to ship in Japan in May 2012 for around US$65 and is now working on solutions for tablets and looking for OEM partners in the US and Europe.

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