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PayPal launches NFC P2P payments service

NFC-based peer-to-peer payments are now included in the PayPal Mobile App for Android which is now available to download from Android Market.

PAYPAL: Still frosty towards NFC, despite support in updated Android app — but slowly getting warmer

PayPal has completed development of the NFC P2P payments service it announced in July. The new feature is available as part of version 3.0 of the PayPal Android app and can be downloaded from Android Market.

“It’s no secret that everyone’s talking about NFC, and rightfully so,” Shimone Samuel, product experience manager for PayPal mobile applications writes on the PayPal blog. “It’s a really interesting technology that could be one of the ways people will pay and get paid,” he adds. “But that’s all it is — a technology. As we just showed at the PayPal shopping showcase in New York the future of shopping is much more than just NFC.”

“In order to use the new NFC feature you and a friend will each need any NFC-enabled Android phone and the PayPal app with the Request Money widget installed. Requesting money is a simple process: Just enter an amount, and then tap phones. Once your friend receives the request they simply enter their password to send money.

“For the techies among you, we use NFC P2P mode,” Samuel adds. “This means the PayPal app can work with the dozens of NFC enabled phones out there today, not just the Samsung Nexus S. Also, we maintain our industry-leading security because financial information (your digital wallet) is stored in the cloud.”

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