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Aconite adds secure NFC app manager

Smart card and secure element specialist Aconite has launched an NFC mobile application manager aimed at secure NFC service providers such as banks, transportation operators and card personalisation agencies.


The Aconite Mobile Application Manager can be used to create a security domain on a secure element in a customer’s NFC phone and to provide a private channel the issuer can use to install and manage its NFC apps. It can also be used to prepare the personal data that is to be stored in the secure element and deliver it securely over-the-air to the trusted service manager (TSM) responsible for managing the secure element in an individual customer’s mobile phone — all without any data being visible to a TSM, mobile network operator or other third party.

“Aconite Mobile Application Manager frees application issuers from having to manage multiple security domains and the interfaces with multiple TSMs,” says the company. “Issuers become independent of TSMs, mobile networks and any other delivery channels and can concentrate on meeting the needs of their customers without the burden of maintaining multiple delivery channel relationships and their complex infrastructures.”

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