NXP: Our NFC now designed into 90 devices

NXP technology has been designed into more than ninety unique devices, the chip maker’s CEO told analysts during a conference call for its Q3 earnings — up from sixty devices in July.

NXP CEO Rick Clemmer
CLEMMER: NFC business has 'positive traction'

“We are currently designed into over ninety unique NFC-based devices,” Rick Clemmer, CEO of chip maker NXP, has told analysts during the firm’s Q3 2011 earnings call.

Clemmer did not offer a revised projection for the number of NFC phones to be shipped this year, however, though he reported “positive traction” in the company’s NFC business. In May, NXP predicted 40 to 100 million NFC-based handsets would be shipped in 2011. Two months later Clemmer revised that figure down to about 40 million, at “the lower end or perhaps even slightly below our initial range for 2011 as the mobile operators implement their deployment strategies”.

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  1. Please check with NXP to see if they will have a reader/transmitter that will support the NDEF protocol and the Simple NDEF Protocol. Developers are eagerly waiting for such a device!!!!

    Does NFC-World know of any other reader/transmitters that are coming?

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