Winckel launches range of NFC tags

RFID tag manufacturer Waldemar Winckel has launched a portfolio of NFC-capable smart tags and labels under the Identytag brand, aimed at applications ranging from brand protection to mobile marketing to location-based services.


The Identytag range includes self-adhesive NFC labels, tags for smart posters, smart tags for identifying products, and OnMetalTags that can be applied directly to metal surfaces — such as a mobile phone casing.

The NFC labels “are produced from resilient materials so they can be used reliably in sophisticated areas such as mobile marketing and public tagging,” says the company. “The choice and combination of materials ensures that the inlay is safely protected from external influences while retaining optimum transmission power.”

“NFC used to be primarily a subject for mobile payments for companies and consumers,” says Winckel CEO Jörg Bald. “The increasing distribution of NFC-capable smartphones is now however making the technology relevant in other fields of application.”

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