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ATI uses NFC to check temperature of foods and pharmaceuticals

ATI's Log-IC NFC Logger
LOGGER: Temperature data can be monitored with an NFC phone

American Thermal Instruments (ATI) has released an Android NFC phone app that enables users to scan, review, and communicate real-time temperature monitoring data.

The app works in conjunction with ATI’s Log-IC NFC Logger, a new NFC-enabled version of the company’s existing Log-IC temperature data loggers. ATI currently provides a range of solutions that enable the temperature of sensitive goods such as pharmaceuticals, foods, medical devices and specimens, chemicals, and industrial products to be tracked in transit. Previously, however, users of the company’s solutions needed to be equipped with specialist reading equipment in order to collect measurements from ATI devices.

“Cold chain management now has an answer to eliminate major barriers to cost-effective temperature monitoring,” says Matty Toomb, ATI’s vice president of sales and marketing. “The Log-IC app significantly quickens your ability to respond to risk. It also provides total mobility, effectively offering decision support where it’s needed. And it consolidates resources, with the smartphone replacing distributed readers and other electronic equipment. No other solution offers this level of functionality at such a relatively low cost per use.”

The app is being tested with selected partners now and will be generally available from January 2012.

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