Tyfone’s NFC-on-microSD technology to go into volume production

The US NFC specialist has signed a manufacturing and distribution deal with Taiwan’s AboMem technology that will see the company’s SideTap NFC-enabled microSD device become widely available for the first time.

Tyfone SideTap microSD
SIDETAP: Set for mass availability

Tyfone has announced a deal with Taiwan-based AboMem Technology that will see the US NFC specialist’s SideTap microSD-based NFC products being manufactured, distributed and serviced by AboMem.

The agreement is designed to combine AboMem’s established manufacturing and distribution infrastructure with Tyfone’s design and manufacturing expertise to bring SideTap fully to market for the first time.

Back in January 2009, Tyfone was the first company to announce an NFC-enabled MicroSD device, but its technology has not been put into volume production until now. Companies wishing to deploy SideTap microSD secure element solutions will be able to purchase devices directly from AboMem, while working with Tyfone on TSM software integration for identity provisioning and implementation of mobility services.

The deal also includes a distribution agreement that will see SideTap microSD cards — which include the necessary NFC circuitry and antenna, a secure element, and memory — being made available to consumers throughout China via AboMem’s existing distribution network.

“AboMem has seen Tyfone evolve SideTap from the prototype phase into a market-ready solution, and is excited to take our relationship to the next level and look forward to achieving success in China and the rest of the world,” comments AboMem chairman Aaron Yang.

“Tyfone’s partnership with AboMem in China enables Tyfone to scale its business with a recognised leader in manufacturing memory products, and unleash its established distribution supply chain,” adds Prabhakar Tadepalli, Tyfone’s president of Asia Pacific and chief operating officer. “The support AboMem has provided Tyfone over the past several years for our vision for mobile commerce has been invaluable, and we look forward to our partnership and the opportunity to serve the world’s largest consumer market.”

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