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Betapond launches NFC check-in service

Early partnerships for the new RewardAble platform are already in place with “some of the leading US entertainment and technology companies,” says the Ireland-based Facebook developer.

REWARDABLE: An NFC-enabled social media marketing and loyalty platform

Betapond, Ireland’s only Facebook Preferred Developer Consultant, has launched a social media marketing platform that uses both NFC and QR codes to enable consumers to check-in to locations and earn rewards via their mobile phones.

“It’s going to improve and personalise the relationship between the consumer and the retailer,” says Declan Kennedy, CEO of Betapond’s new RewardAble subsidiary. “Consumers will be able to check in on social media and pick up rewards by simply tapping their phone against a poster or scanning a QR code. This closes the loop on the essential relationship between the retailer and the consumer, which ultimately grows footfall for the retailer.”

The new service was showcased for the first time this week at an event in Hollywood, California organised by the Irish Technology Leadership Group. Early partnerships “with some of the leading US entertainment and technology companies” are already in place.

“The reaction from the entertainment industry in the US has been overwhelmingly positive and we see this technology becoming an essential part of the marketing war chest for retailers over the next six months,” says Kennedy.

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