Kimtag: NFC tag reading is growing 22% a month

An analysis of the UK QR code and NFC tag provider’s usage logs has found that take-up of NFC tag reading has increased by more than 170% over the last six months.

KIMTAG: The company has seen NFC tag scans grow 170% in six months

Take-up of NFC tag reading is increasing at a rate of 22% a month, according to an analysis of usage logs conducted by Kimtag.

Kimtag is a connection hub service which is designed to make it easy for individuals and businesses to let people connect to companies, organisations, products and events via QR codes, NFC tags and web links. Currently, over 75,000 Kimtags are in use.

“For user’s own stats purposes, each access method — QR code, NFC, etc — has a unique address,” Phil Coote, CEO of Kimtag, explained to NFC World. “From this, we can monitor how people are accessing the Kimtags and provide stats to our users.”

For the NFC usage analysis, Kimtag looked at the visits made to 10,000 selected Kimtag ‘connection pages‘ over a six month period ending in August 2011. The company compared QR code, NFC tag, direct and referral hits from visitors around the world.

During the research, Kimtag regarded a successful visit as a user reaching and fully downloading a Kimtag connection page via an address assigned specifically for NFC tags and then subsequently visiting a connection such as a social network or website.

The research revealed that the number of NFC tag scans grew by an average 22% month on month. Over the whole six month period, NFC scans increased by more than 170%. In addition, Kimtag says, the research highlighted an acceleration in growth that indicates that over the next six months NFC scans are likely to grow at an even faster rate.

“The research illustrates that while a lot of the current focus within the NFC industry has been on payment systems, the use of NFC to empower the new ‘internet of things’ is likely to play an equally important role in it’s growth,” says Coote.

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