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Sonim launches XP1301 rugged NFC phone

The ultra-rugged phone maker’s first NFC handset offers special features designed for tough commercial applications.

Sonim XP1301 Core NFC
XP1301 CORE NFC: A rugged NFC handset designed for life on the front line

Rugged phone specialist Sonim Technologies has announced its first NFC handset, the XP1301 Core NFC, a device the firm is targeting at markets including cleaning, security guarding, facilities management, equipment maintenance and home visit healthcare.

The handset, described as “the world’s most rugged NFC phone”, boasts a reading range of four centimetres with 99% reliability, delivered by Inside Secure‘s MicroRead hardware and Open NFC protocol stack.

In contrast to many consumer handsets the device can run NFC applications in background mode, even when they’re not displayed on the screen. Additionally, if they have been certified by Sonim, applications can also be configured to auto-start when the phone is turned on, eliminating the need for the worker to select the application from a menu.

The company also says the device has the longest battery life of any mobile phone for NFC usage, providing up to five days of continuous NFC operations with 20 tag reads and server updates per hour.

Like all of the firm’s rugged handsets the XP1301 is fully waterproof, can be dropped from two metres onto concrete with no ill effects, and boasts an impact- and puncture-proof Corning Gorilla Glass screen.

“The XP1301 Core NFC will withstand hard use every day for three years or more, has battery life under heavy use longer than the longest work shift and comes with enterprise level service and support,” says Sonim’s Sanjay Jhawar. “This kind of extreme reliability delivers a total cost of ownership that allows every front-line worker to be included”.

The XP1301 Core NFC is available immediately from Sonim partners and integrators and retails at £289 in the UK and €355 in Europe before tax and any subsidy.

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