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UPM announces improved NFC tags

Finnish tag manufacturer UPM RFID has introduced a portfolio of NFC tags featuring NXP’s NTAG203 chip, which was announced earlier today.


The new tags will come in the company’s BullsEye, Circus and MiniTrack form factors and offer 144 bytes of user memory, significantly improved performance and a faster response time when reading with NFC phones.

The NTAG203-based tags are available immediately for sampling, with volume deliveries starting in November 2011 through UPM RFID’s sales and distribution partners worldwide.

The tags are compliant with ISO 14443A and NFC Forum Type 2 Tag applications, including smart posters and stickers, connection handover, Bluetooth simple pairing, WiFi Protected Setup, call request, SMS, and goods and devices authentication.

“These products meet the requirements of the most popular NFC applications like social media check-ins, NFC-based games and advertisement apps,” says UPM’s Mikko Nikkanen. “With their high performance, these new NFC products are also a good match for electronics pairing applications where embedding the inlay is a must.”

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