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Latest NFC phone news and rumours • 12 Sept 2011

The latest NFC phone rumours and announcements, including: Sony Ericsson’s Nozomi, Samsung’s Omnia W Windows phone, US Samsung Galaxy S II rumours, iPhone 5 anticipation building to fever pitch and Google’s Schmidt hints Android Ice Cream Sandwich could ship in October.

NFC rumours

As NFC moves towards the mass market and is incorporated into ever more devices in ever more markets, rumours, tip-offs and leaks abound all over the web. Most reports can’t be confirmed and inevitably some will be accurate while others will prove to be incorrect.

Here we round up the latest NFC handset rumours and announcements. For a definitive list of currently available, officially announced and rumoured devices please see our NFC phones list.

  • Sony Ericsson Nozomi landing in March 2012 with 1.5GHz dual-core, 4.3-inch 720p screen [and NFC?] — Xperia blog
  • Upcoming Samsung Omnia W with Windows Phone may have 1.4 GHz CPU, NFC support — Unwired View
  • Samsung Galaxy S II for AT&T and T-Mobile has NFC, Sprint’s variant lacking — Engadget via Android Police
  • NFC pairing coming to BlackBerry Messenger — Techradar
  • Eric Schmidt: Ice Cream Sandwich coming out in October or November — Android and Me
  • The Turkcell T20 NFC phone, manufactured by Huawei, uses NXP‘s PN544 NFC controller chip — Press release
  • Apple store down, straws in wind point to imminent iPhone 5 release — International Business Times
  • Rumor, Google’s Nexus 3 Is Produced by HTC and Has NFC Enabled — Technode
  • Samsung Wave 578 with Quick Tap ‘coming soon’ to Orange [UK] — SoMobile

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