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Isobar to host NFC hackathon

The digital marketing agency is inviting developers, programmers and hackers to take part in a 48-hour NFC ‘hackathon’ in Boston later this month.

Isobar Create 48
ISOBAR: Hosting an NFC hackathon in Boston from September 13-15

Digital marketing agency Isobar is hosting a 48 hour hackathon in Boston from 13 to 15 September, with the aim of exploring the possibilities of NFC technology.

“At Isobar, we believe NFC is the future digital interaction technology,” the agency’s Anne Curtin has told NFC World. “We are inviting local developers, programmers and hackers to create what they see as their visions for uses of NFC technology.”

“We’ll have some trainers on hand to teach participants how to program for NFC (ie, what can be done, what can’t be done, etc.)  We’ve also lined up an esteemed panel of judges from Google, and Nokia, who will vote on the top three apps created during the hackathon and hand out prizes.”

The Isobar Create 48 event kicks off at 3pm on Tuesday 13 September and runs around the clock until 3pm on Thursday 15 September. Attendees should bring their own laptop and power cables, says the company, and Isobar will provide the facilities, power, connectivity, food, refreshments, expert assistance, Nexus S phones, NFC tags, NFC readers and demo code.

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