50,000 Dutch nurses now using NFC phones

The nurses use their NFC phones to track and manage home healthcare visits, in one of the world’s longest established commercial NFC services.

NEDAP: Home health care tracking solution is one of the earliest commercial NFC systems

More than 50,000 care workers in the Netherlands are now using NFC phones on a daily basis, Dutch security and identification specialist Nedap has announced.

“The nurses we are talking about here are nurses that provide home healthcare,” Nedap explains. “They provide care to the patients in the comfort of their own home.”

“In the old days, nurses needed to write down when they arrived, how long they stayed and what they did for each patient they visited,” the company adds. “All this information was entered into a central system, which in turn sent bills to the patients.

“All this administration was error prone and a big hassle for the nurses. Instead of digitizing this problem by using something like a PDA, we opted to design a completely automated solution. When the nurse enters the patient’s house, she touches a patient card with her phone. When she leaves, she touches the same card again. We do all the administration for them. This way the nurse has more time for her patients.”

The service was first introduced in 2005 and has been gradually expanded to more healthcare providers and to new generations of NFC phone over the last six years.

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  1. Great commercial NFC roll out. This is massive. We have done similar kind of solutions at the UK, France and Scandinavia. We do not have to wait for mobile payments to see the benefits of NFC.

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