TazPad Android NFC tablet to include fingerprint biometric security

French NFC and Zigbee specialist TazTag has integrated AuthenTec‘s TCS2 TouchChip sensor into its TazPad Android tablet.

TazTag's TazPad
TAZPAD: Now with fingerprint biometrics

TazPad was first announced in February and is designed for “professionals who want to link a bank, a store or other institution’s back-end system with customers via a capable mobile platform.” After fingerprint authentication, for example, a vendor can provide specific information on products, read a client’s loyalty card (via card or NFC phone), book orders and complete a secure payment.

TazPad includes a 7-inch colour screen that offers multitouch capabilities as well as HD and HDMI outputs, a camera, GPS location device and an accelerometer. The tablet connects wirelessly via WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC and ZigBee.

“We wanted to offer enhanced security capabilities with the TazPad, which is why we selected AuthenTec’s durable, high resolution TCS2 touch sensor for integration in this unique NFC-enabled Android tablet,” says Eric Fouchard, TazTag’s CEO.

“No other Android tablet combines fingerprint authentication with the NFC transaction capabilities of the TazPad,” adds AuthenTec’s Alan Kramer. “Whether a user is interested in convenient yet secure authentication for NFC, ZigBee or Wi-Fi transactions or linking a customer to a back-end system for authentication, the TazPad is a very capable platform for mobile identification. We look forward to supporting TazTag in a successful launch of this new NFC tablet.”

TazTag is currently preparing to put the TazPad into volume production and is looking for investment funding.

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